We offer several services to help companies

develop their businesses in Japan.

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We develop businesses and find out the opportunities for foreign manufacturers on the Japanese market. We not only give them an entry point to this country, we also keep an eye on it, help sustaining the businesses and grow the businesses for our clients. 


We assist your marketing activities on exhibitions, congresses and trade shows in Japan. We also help you to define the technical specifications which are needed to make your product ready-to-market.


We have a huge network of medical and dental devices companies, dealers and wholesalers. If you want to bring your product to Japan, we can assist you locate the right distribution partner and negotiate the sales terms on your behalf.

We also distributor our own products to Japan and to Europe.


With professional designers onboard, we help companies to customize their sales material and make it fit to the Japanese market. We can also design completely new material and logos based on the wish of the customer.


D-TAG is a market research company that analyzes over 3.81 billion online consumer conversations to provide decision makers with the confidence to develop the best market entry and expansion strategies that will sell more.

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