LOERKE international has been founded in 2018. We are consultants with networks in the following industries all over Japan:


  • Medical Devices

  • Dental Devices

  • Materials

  • Powder-metallurgy

  • ​Food and beverage


We are located in Yokohama and have representatives in Tokyo and Kyoto. We cover the largest business areas in Japan and are always close to the markets of our clients.


会社名:       LOERKE international 株式会社

Name:                      LOERKE international K.K.​

所在地:      神奈川県横浜市神奈川区台町7−2−707

Location:                 Yokohama, Japan

代表番号 / TEL.: 045 514 9867

役員数:        2名

​Directors:                 2

​代表者:     代表取締役 ロェアケ クリストフ

Representative:      Christoph Loerke

事業内容:    経営コンサルティング



​         その他

​Business Area:       Consulting, Management Consulting

                                 Sales, Marketing



​資本金:      百万円

​Capital:                   1 Mio JPY

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